Tessa Thompson Trolled Marvel Fans Over The Whereabouts Of Her ‘Thor’ Character During ‘Infinity War’

04.30.18 1 year ago


Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War lie ahead…

Avengers: Infinity War‘s box-office dominance arrived to an even greater degree than expected, and the well isn’t even close to running dry where Marvel’s bigger-and-better formula is concerned. The reunion factor for this film ran high with Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner finally meeting again, but there was a danger involved with stuffing so many larger-than-life characters into one film.

Perhaps for that reason, Marvel chose to omit a few folks, including Hawkeye, from the party. Given that Jeremy Renner’s character at times prioritized family over his dangerous profession, it’s not hard to explain his absence in terms of accepting house arrest (which was also the case for Ant-Man). However, a fan favorite from Thor: Ragnarok — the glorious Valkyrie, embodied to bawdy perfection by Tessa Thompson — went conspicuously missing, and people definitely noticed. Did Valkyrie perish when Thanos attacked the Asgardians, killing half of them, or did she simply have better things to do?

Thompson knows what’s up, and she mercilessly trolled Avengers fans by cluing them into her brief “appearance” … as a lamb cradled by Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier (who was obviously really holding a gun) in Wakanda.

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