The 10 most brutal jokes from the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco

The jabs from the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco fell into 3 major categories of insult: gay jokes, squinty-eye jokes, and you-sucked-at-hosting-the-Oscars jokes. But within those groupings were totally nuanced and weirdly specific taunts of the actor/writer/artist/etcetera from some of comedy’s greatest names. Here are the 10 sickest burns aimed at James Franco.

10. Sarah Silverman: “James recently won the ally award for his support of the LGBT community. It”s a prestigious award that”s given anally, annually. It”s given annually.”

9. Jonah Hill: “He recently got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is incredible because now critics and homeless people can shit on him all the time.”

8. Jeff Ross: “James Franco is half-Italian, half-asleep. He’s a disgrace to Italian actors. James Gandolfini must be trying to roll over in his grave.”

7. Seth Rogen: “Look at me doing all the talking while you sit there doing nothing. I feel like I”m cohosting the Oscars with you.”

6. Aziz Ansari: “So many gay jokes tonight about Franco. Apparently if you’re clean, well dressed and mildly cultured, you’re super gay now. Is that why the rest of you guys are so aggressively fat and dirty? You think if you read one book and take a shower, dickss are going to just fly into your face.”

5. Seth Rogen: “Franco, you look like you”re asleep. Did you just read a James Franco book? In all seriousness, he is a very hardworking actor. He once told me he worked for 36 hours straight, which I don”t believe, the straight part, obviously.

4. Nick Kroll: “Did you bone Anne Hathaway? Squint once if yes. If James opens his eyes tonight we get six more weeks of summer.”

3. Natasha Leggero: “James Franco, acting, teaching, directing, writing, producing, photography, soundtracks, editing. Is there anything you can do?”

2. Sarah Silverman: “I don’t think James is gay or straight. It’s just that he literally can’t open his eyes enough to see who he’s fucking.”

1. James Franco: “I think this is truly my punishment for the Oscars.”