The 25 Greatest Entertainment Moments of 1995

It's easy to be nostalgic. In an age of pop culture bombardment where every major pop song, TV show, and movie feels overexposed within moments, the hits of yesteryear seem pure in comparison. 

1995 has a particularly attractive glow. It's a year of record-setting box offices, Billboard highs, and a burgeoning sophistication within video games. It's time we honored that gilded age with a proper countdown: the 25 greatest entertainment moments of 1995. Though that year also gave us Drew Barrymore's “Letterman” striptease, Hugh Grant's tabloid woes, and the OJ Simpson verdict, we'll keep our nostalgia immaculate just by tallying proper entertainment releases. 

So get out your Best Buy card and prepare to diagnose Verbal Kint, because these are the greatest entertainment moments of '95.