The ‘Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition’ trailer is selling a whole new film

It”s become impossible to write about the DC movies or this title in particular without people getting up in arms for one reason or another, but it remains intriguing to see how they are moving forward. One of the reasons you build your entire marketing plan before you release the movie in any format is so you aren”t playing from a reactive place. After the incredibly divisive response to the film, it would be easy to see this as Zack Snyder and Warner”s way of apologizing… only that”s not the case. This is something they planned to do from the moment they realized how different the theatrical cut was going to be compared to what they ended up releasing in theaters.

It”s almost startling to see how different a movie this appears to be based on this ad. It”s funny to read people get excited all over again, even people who didn”t like the film, and a testament to just how well-cut this trailer is. I”m absolutely ready to give this cut of the film a chance to work on its own terms, and it”s going to be interesting to see if it feels like this should have been what they released, regardless of running time.

It can”t be fun for Snyder right now. What was supposed to be a fairly triumphant moment for him has, by many reports, become a difficult shoot as the studio tries to make new decisions about what they”re doing with the films moving forward. The news about Geoff Johns and Jon Berg is exciting, but it”s clear there”s more that is happening behind the scenes as well. Chuck Roven is reportedly being shifted to a less hands-on role in the films, which is a definite sign. He”s a lead producer on everything since Batman Begins, and an important producer for Warner overall. To have all of this happening while they”re actually in the middle of making what is arguably the most important of the films to their big-picture plan is definitely not a sign of everything being perfect and happy, but it also shouldn”t be read as the end of the world.

Regarding this new trailer, which you can see embedded above, the film”s cinematographer Larry Fong had this to say today:


We”ll find out for ourselves when Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition arrives on Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and regular Blu-ray and DVD on July 19, or on Digital HD on June 28.