Let’s look back at ‘SNL’ season 40: The top 15 sketches

No show produces more divisive critical response than “Saturday Night Live.” And that makes sense: Comedy is subjective, and nowhere on television does that more apply than “SNL,” where one person”s sketch of the night is another viewer”s worst sketch of the year.

So a list like this isn”t meant as a definitive statement but rather one personal point of view. That”s both an obvious and necessary distinction to make. No sketches were unintentionally omitted. I went back, looked at every sketch I graded, adjusted in-the-moment rankings accordingly and came up with 15 great sketches in what I personally saw as the show”s greatest season in the five years I”ve covered it here at HitFix.

Honorable Mentions:  “Swiftamine” (Chris Rock), “Graveyard Song” (Jim Carrey), “Nest-Spresso” (Cameron Diaz), “Overly Full Brain” (James Franco) Tostinos Activity Pack For Women (JK Simmons)

Click through the gallery below to see my picks for the top 15 best sketches of season 40.