The Black Keys will ‘definitely’ release a new album in 2013

The Black Keys just can’t quit.

The Akron-formed rock duo will begin work on their eighth studio album at the beginning of next year, according to drummer Patrick Carney, with a release sometime in 2013.

 “We”re going to start making a new album in January and we”re going to tour a little more in the spring,” Carney told KROQ in a recent interview. “Our plan is the have the new album done by the end of spring or earlier, then hopefully take a few months off to do normal things like go to bed early and wake up early, walk the dog, that kind of stuff. Then we”ll probably be back on the road starting next fall.”

And yes, he’s pretty committed to keeping with the timeline.

“It [an album] is definitely gonna happen in 2013,” Carney continued. “It”s just a matter of how long it take[s us] to make the album and deciding when we want to get back on the road.”

So will Danger Mouse, who helped Carney and singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach achieve rock stardom thanks to his stellar production work on their last three albums, be back on the boards this time around?

“I talked to him [Danger Mouse, aka Brian Burton] on the phone a couple weeks ago to see what his schedule is like,” Carney said. “If we ever work with a producer, it”s always going to be him. We”ve been working with him since 2007, since ‘Attack & Release,’ and we”re all really good friends. But he”s also really busy, producing so many records lately, so hopefully he has time. He”s producing U2′s record – that takes priority over us! [Laughs]”

The Keys’ last LP, 2011’s “El Camino,” became the band’s highest-charting album to date, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 206,000 copies.

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