British Embassy hilariously responded with a ‘Star Trek’ gif to White House History tweet

What is it that”s so glee-inducing about government agencies and diplomatic offices using pop culture memes? Is it that the sheen of formality of these official bodies is shattered a bit? Is it the comfort of knowing that the women and men leading us have a grip on the modern zeitgeist and technology?

In any case, whatever it is that makes this so delightful, today we got a fun display of an official embassy account tweeting out gifs of our favorite characters.

When the White House Historical Association posted a tweet about British troops setting fire to the White House 202 years ago today, the official account of the British Embassy in the U.S. responded with a Captain Picard facepalm gif and the note “Well this is a little embarrassing”:


This got even better, as the White House History non-profit replied with an admittedly adorable photo of Barack Obama and then-Prime Minister of the U.K. David Cameron.

Next in this saga: A Harry Potter thumbs up gif from the Brits.


Even more delightful: realizing a British Embassy managed to respond with gifs from two of the most beloved entertainment franchises of all time – both featuring Brits. Yes, we know you”re a small country but a great one, the one of Harry Potter, Patrick Stewart, and David Beckham”s right foot.