The ‘Broad City’ women armed themselves with power tools for a chance to see Thor’s penis

Jimmy Kimmel may want to remove the power tools from his show's dressing rooms, because his guests are now using them to spy on each other.

Case in point: last night, Broad City's Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer interrupted Kimmel's monologue with whirring of a power drill, which, they explained, they were using to create a peephole into neighbor Chris Hemsworth's dressing room to see him naked. 

“Why not?” Jacobson said when Kimmel protested. “Men are constantly drilling peepholes to see women's penises. I mean, we're flipping the script!”

“It's called empowerment,” Glazer added, noting that everyone in Kimmel's audience wanted to see “the hammer of Thor.”

At that point, a second power drill bored through the wall into Jacobson and Glazer's room, and there was Hemsworth, who lectured them about the offensive, sexist, and gross nature of their actions before handing them some photos he took of his brother, Liam, in the shower. 

Anyway, this all could have been avoided if Kimmel's guests didn't have such easy access to power tools in the first place.