The Claim: Aquaman saved Superman in ‘Man of Steel’

and 09.22.14 5 years ago

(CBR) It turns out you might not have to wait until 2016″s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” for the first cinematic crossover between two DC Comics superheroes.

On the latest episode of the Meet The Movie Press podcast, hosts Mark Reilly and Jeff Sneider discussed a recent conversation overheard by one of the hosts. According to Sneider, a film journalist for The Wrap, he heard a conversation between someone who recently worked with Zack Snyder on “Batman v Superman,” claiming that Aquaman saved Superman”s life back in 2013′s “Man Of Steel.”

The scene in question takes place after Clark rescues workers from a burning oil rig off the coast of Alaska. Clark is seen floating in the water unconscious, as two whales float away. According to Sneider”s overheard story, the whales saved Clark from drowning by pushing him up to the surface – all on the orders of an off-screen Aquaman. While no scene establishing this connection has been released, Sneider says that the link will be confirmed in “Batman v Superman.”

Aquaman hasn”t been officially confirmed for “Batman v Superman,” but the conjecture behind the easter egg would be the first direct link to Snyder”s take on the DCU”s water-dwelling hero, and would lay an interesting foundation for the two relationship between the two superheroes.

Jason Momoa has been reported to play Aquaman, but it has yet to be announced by Warner Bros. Adding to the possibility of an upcoming Aquaman appearance in “Batman V Superman,” Snyder called up a radio station in Detroit last month, where the movie is filming, to defend the character, saying, “The cool thing is that with Aquaman, his trident – people don”t realize this – that could actually cut the flesh of Superman, if they came in contact.”

The discussion of Aquaman”s possible off-screen “Man of Steel” appearance starts around 29:45:

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