Mary Harron Is An ‘American’ Treasure On The Latest Episode Of Shudder’s ‘The Core’

Mary Harron’s first film, the Lane Pryce-from-Mad Men-as-Andy Warhol-starring I Shot Andy Warhol, came out in 1996. It took another four years for her next film, but American Psycho, with its remarkable performance from Christian Bale, was worth the wait. Following a five-year delay, Harron directed the underrated The Notorious Bettie Page, and six years after that, in 2011, The Moth Diaries.

Sensing a trend? Four years. Five years. And six years.

Therefore, Harron should be making something new for 2018. Say, what do you know? She is! The Family, which reunites the director with American Psycho screenwriter, Guinevere Turner, is about the Manson Family murders, as seen through the eyes of a graduate student. But if you need your Harron fix now (and you’ve already made your way through the excellent Alias Grace, which she directed), you should check out the latest episode of Shudder’s Uproxx-produced original series The Core. It’s as easy as snapping your fingers.

Here’s more on The Core:

The Core is a dissection of the brilliant minds from which genre films spring. Whether it’s a demo on head explosions, or a primer on avoiding predictable jump scares, The Core busts open the traditional talk show and plays with its guts. Host Mickey Keating and his guests examine the onscreen techniques and real-life psychologies that strike fear into our very core. We’ll turn you on to what’s thrilling in filmmaking today, without subjecting you to a chat with that dude Greg from film school.

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