The CW confirms that ‘Hart of Dixie’ has been cancelled

File under “Things that will mostly bring sadness to Dan…”

The CW confirmed on Thursday (May 7) afternoon that “Hart of Dixie” will not be back for a fifth season. 

This hardly counts as a surprise given that most of the people associated with “Hart of Dixie” treated this as the last season on Twitter and in interviews, but The CW steadfastly refused to confirm the end of the Rachel Bilson small town dramedy, only promoting the last episode as a “season” finale, rather than a “series” finale.

But anybody who watched the “Hart of Dixie” season finale knew that it was really and truly a series finale, complete with the main character giving birth, a wedding for two other main characters, another couple moving in together and a climactic musical number stretching from the hospital to the center of town.

It was, honestly, a totally satisfying series finale and even though I quite enjoyed the show and often felt it was charmingly underrated, I can't think of a better way for “Hart of Dixie” to have ended. 

My enthusiastic “Hart of Dixie” finale recap.

Now somebody just needs to get to work to find new gigs for Kaitlyn Black, Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel, Jaime King and, of course, Rachel Bilson.

“Hart of Dixie” premiered in September 2011. Created by Leila Gerstein, it aired 76 episodes.

Today's official “Hart of Dixie” cancellation and yesterday's official “iZombie” renewal mean that The CW's Bubble currently consists of only one show: “The Messengers.” [And sorry, “The Messengers” fans, but last week's episode drew under 700,000 viewers. “Hart of Dixie” regularly drew over a million without any Friday lead-in. “The Messengers” is toast, unofficially.]

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