Trevor Noah Calls Out Trump’s ‘Insane’ Fox News Plug For Being ‘Just Like North Korea’s Propaganda News’

Over the weekend, two seemingly unrelated things happened. First, Donald Trump told America to watch Judge Jeanine Pirros’ show on Saturday night. Then, Fox News favorite Judge Jeanine promptly opened the show by calling for Speak of the House Paul Ryan to step down from his position as a result of the complete botching of the healthcare vote at the end of the week — which Trump wasn’t too pleased about since it almost kept him from some potential time on the golf course. Pirro’s exact quote was,

“Paul Ryan needs to step down as Speaker of the House. You come in, with all your swagger and experience, and you sell him a bill of goods which ends up a complete and total failure.”

Pirros’ insistence that Paul step down, and her repetition about his less than stellar job leading the House of Representatives towards the promised land of a successful Obamacare repeal and replace, certainly seemed like it was due to direct instructions from Trump even though everyone in the White House who commented on it insisted that the tweet and the segment had nothing to do with each other. If Trump was watching this clip from The Daily Show as closely as he supposedly watches Fox News though, he probably wasn’t too happy, as Trevor Noah goes the whole nine yards and negatively compares Pirro’s show to North Korean propaganda television.

When the clips are placed back to back, there is a certain similarity that can be found, but it remains to be seen if that negative reference will keep Trump from tweeting such blatant “recommendations” for various Fox News shows of if the status quo will remain the same.