‘The Defenders’ Confirms Elektra Will Return, But Will She Still Be Herself?

Despite being given little to do, Elodie Yung made Elektra one of the more interesting parts of Daredevil. Yung took a character that was created as little more than a femme fatale paper doll to be used to seduce and ensnare Matt Murdock and produced a complex, antagonistic person. Elektra spends most of her screen time vacillating between her desire to love Daredevil and her emotional baggage that has made her a borderline sociopath.

Elektra ended the second season of Daredevil by fridging herself. But like so many heroes before her, death is merely a transitory state. We all knew she’d be back as soon as the Hand put their prophesied leader into a creepy life-restoring pod that looked like a prototype the ancient Egyptians created for the gods of StarGate. But if you thought Elektra would be sidelined for Daredevil’s team up with The Defenders, the show would like to dissuade you of that idea.

Fans sadly don’t get to see Elektra in the short video, only glimpses of the process being used to revive her. But bathing in blood like a reluctant Lady Bathory has never ended well in the history of comics. Whoever Elektra was when she went into the pod, that’s probably not the Elektra that is coming out of it. The prophecy states she will be The Black Sky and it looks like The Hand will get their way, with or without Elektra’s consent. Here’s hoping Matt can save her.

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