It really sounds like Batman might be in the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special

Steven Moffat is a known comic book fan, and while the Doctor could be considered a sort of superhero, there might be a chance for something even more direct showing up in this year's Doctor Who Christmas special.

It's been a while seen we had new Doctor Who, and though the new season won't begin until Spring of 2017, we do have the annual Christmas special to look forward to first. Last year's special, “The Husbands of River Song,” featured the return of Alex Kingston, Peter Capaldi, and featured Matt Lucas. Lucas will play Nardole once more for the first episode of Season 10 but what can we look forward to seeing in December?

Here's what we know: In recent years the Doctor has a stand-in or an additional companion for the Christmas special. The Radio Times says their sources told them there won't be an “interim companion” as such but that Lucas will actually be in the Christmas special as well.

But here's the really interesting bit. Radio Times says Canadian actor Justin Chatwin will have a guest role:

The 33-year-old star, who played Tom Cruise”s son in War of the Worlds and starred in the US remake of Shameless and the latest series of American Gothic, is understood to have been cast as a “superhero character” in the Christmas special, according to sources on the show.

It is expected that he will portray a brash figure with an American accent – and in all likelihood a few dark interstellar secrets of one sort or another.


Yeah, ok maybe I'm stretching but come on, how great would that be? I know they can't use “Batman”, but it would be really fun to have a Batman-type character play against Capaldi's Doctor.