‘The Flash’ Unmasks Its Big Bad On This Week’s Geeky TV

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05.02.17 30 Comments


With four episodes left, The Flash has decided to finally reveal just who Savitar is, and why he’s bedeviling Barry. So, who is this speedster with the heavy armor?

Before we find out, the team will have to deal with Killer Frost. Caitlin went full evil when the show returned from the break, and interestingly, once Savitar revealed who he was, Frost trusted him to keep Caitlin under wraps. Presumably, Savitar will not keep his promise, because come on, he’s a supervillain. They always screw over their henchmen. But that Caitlin thinks he can pull this off, and that he’ll keep his word, drops a big hint as to who’s hiding in the power armor.

For our money, we’re going to guess it’s the first season’s Reverse Flash, who you might remember was erased from reality in the finale before his blond self was brought back to anchor the Legion of Evil and snark his fellow supervillains on Legends of Tomorrow. Which is too bad, because we really want it to be Barry from an alternate reality so Barry can crack Archer jokes. “What’s that, Other Barry? We shouldn’t have traveled through time?” We’ll see who’s under the mask tonight at 8pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?

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