‘The Flash’ Races To A Season Finale On This Week’s Geeky TV

Senior Contributor

Last week on The Flash, so, yeah, they actually followed through with their threat and bumped off Iris. But, this is a superhero show; a guy who was supposed to be dead just helped Barry fight a giant shark last week. Is Iris really dead? Is Other Barry about to win? All good questions that we’ll get answers to tonight.

To be honest, season three of The Flash has been a bit wobbly at times. Barry’s overreliance on time travel to solve his problems, and seeming inability to acknowledge that he’s screwing up other people’s lives in the process, may be the ultimate punchline of the season, but it took a little long to get there. Still, the writing staff has been enjoying alternate realities and futures, something that’s been a big part of the show since the last season. And also, come on, we got a two-part giant ape fight. More TV shows need two-part giant ape fights.

So we’ll see how this finale wraps it all up, but we’re assuming Barry has one last time travel mistake in him. Either that or they’re just going to erase everything. Hey, superhero comics do it. We’ll find out tonight at 8pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?

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