‘The Flash’ Parties Hard In This Week’s Geeky TV

It’s a question comic book fans have wanted to know about The Flash for decades. What happens when he gets completely wasted? We find out tonight, as two parties unfold for a happy couple that promptly both go horribly wrong. But don’t worry, the Flash will save you! By violating speeding laws on foot! Yeah, ladies, and probably the gents too, y’all are probably on your own. At least they’re armed and have Cisco, while the ladies have Felicity. And let’s face it, you’re probably better off with Felicity in your corner. We’ll find out what happens when you babysit a drunken superhero tonight at 8 pm EST on the CW.

Meanwhile, Legends of Tomorrow brings back the Mack:

Heh. Whoops.

Sadly, Mark Morrison has no role to play in this episode, so we’ll just have to count on Victor Garber to bring the smooth jams instead. No, in this case, they’re going back to the Victorian era to investigate a certain epistolary novel coming to life. Yes, it’s the return of the Drac, which clearly they originally wanted to title this before, you know, somebody who hated puns stepped in. We’ll see who really needs a length of hardwood tonight at 9 pm also on the CW. Join us, won’t you?