‘The Good Wife’ is even better in Season 6

“The Good Wife” is even better in Season 6
The CBS series is, says Willa Paskin, “in almost unheard of shape for a drama heading into the latter stages of middle age. By Seasons 7 or 8, most series are thinking about retirement, or ought to be. Typically they”ve been flagging for years, the vim and vigor of their youth long since mellowed. But 'The Good Wife' does not know from flagging. As it begins its sixth season, it is sharper than it has ever been, the ageless, wiry athlete sprinting circles around other dramas, tacitly talking trash. 'Anything you can do, I can do 22 times a year, without cursing, without much violence, and without a hoity-toity cable-TV address,”'it winks, as it runs by in some impeccably tailored workout gear. 'The Good Wife,' a delectable, invigorating series of unprecedented depth and cynicism, is the best drama on TV.” PLUS: There will be a big secret revealed on the season premiere, and does Will”s death still loom large?

Neil Armstrong”s life story will be told in a TNT miniseries
The first man to walk on the moon will be the subject of “One Giant Leap” from a writer on “The Earth to the Moon” and “Apollo 13.”

NY Times TV critic blames Twitter for the backlash to her “Angry Black Woman” Shonda Rhimes article
“The whole point of the piece – once you read past the first 140 characters – is to praise Shonda Rhimes for pushing back so successfully on a tiresome but insidious stereotype,” TV critic Alessandra Stanley said in a statement issued by The Times.

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A Shonda Rhimes timeline: Where did she come from?
TV's “most celebrated showrunner” went from growing up aspiring to be a novelist to writing a Britney Spears movie to “Grey”s Anatomy.” PLUS: Why is “ShondaLand” so successful?

NFL Network to edit out Howard Stern's writer disrupting Commissioner Roger Goodell from its press conference rebroadcast
Meanwhile, the Howard Stern writer and “Sharknado 2” actor Benjy Bronk “apologized” for crashing Goodell”s press conference and shouting “Don”t take me into an elevator.”

“Grey”s Anatomy” casts April”s mom
Connie Ray will actually be thee 2nd actress to play April”s mom as somebody else played her at the wedding.

“SNL” newbie Pete Davidson is already filming his 1st sketch
What”s he doing on the floor with Jay Pharaoh?

Charles Dance says he”s not “completely missing out” on “Game of Thrones” Season 5
Could Tywin Lannister be back? PLUS: More spoilery set photos emerge.

“The Cosby Show” turns 30
Bill Cosby and his fictional family were an immediate hit when they debuted on NBC on Sept. 20, 1984. The show was so ambitious that Cosby expected it to be canceled. Instead, it was TV”s No. 1 show with 21.6 million viewers. PLUS: Looking back at “Cosby”s” very special episodes, and an appreciation of Clair Huxtable.

Will Illinois force Nik Wallenda to wear a harness when he walks across Chicago”s skyline?
The state and the city has yet to issue any permits for the Nov. 2 Discovery Channel stunt, and the Illinois' Aerial Exhibitors Safety Act may have the final say.

“Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Movie”s” Lisa Turtle lands on “Falling Skies”
Actress Taylor Russell will recur in the final season.

Lifetime”s “The Assault” rips the Steubenville, Ohio rape case from the headlines
Problem is the story of a high school girl who was raped by a group of high school football stars is “too banal for Lifetime”s melodramatic impulse.”

Tumblr teams with truTV on “Hack My Life”
The show will focus on easy life hacks.

Showtime picks up a Pauly Shore documentary
“Pauly Shore Stands Alone” follows the former MTV star as he performs standup in the Midwest.

British broadcast TV has a new comedy called “Scrotal Recall”
In each episode of the Channel 4 series, a guy with chlamydia is forced to find a different girl from his past.

Comic book-based TV shows: Are there too many?
Current and upcoming comic book shows include “Gotham,” “Constantine,” “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “iZombie,” “Agent Carter,” “The Walking Dead” and its companion series, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.C.,” “Daredevil,” “Powers,” “Preacher,” “Scalped,” “Outcast,” “Ronin,” “Clone” and “Titans.”

“Bones” books “Ally McBeal”s” Gil Bellows
He”ll play a manager of a giant Wall Street brokerage firm who”s questioned by Booth.

“Outlander”s” “The Wedding” episode has a sex scene that'll put “Game of Thrones” to shame
“The sex that happens during tomorrow night”s episode isn”t so tremendously graphic that it rivals any of the senseless f–king on 'Game of Thrones,”” says Richard Lawson. “But it”s more intense and personal, and in that way daring, startling even.”

“The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon is racing to spend his fortune, having outlived his terminal cancer diagnosis
Simon was given months to live, and that was more than two years ago.

Ryan Seacrest celebrates Jimmy Fallon”s 40th birthday with a pie to his face
The “American Idol” host himself turns 40 on Dec. 24. PLUS: Watch the evolution of Jimmy Fallon. UPDATE: Watch Fallon's naked “Late Night” surprise.

Ranking every Emmy-nominated “Law & Order: SVU” guest-star
From Angela Lansbury to Robin Williams.

Jon Hamm told longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt how “Mad Men” ends
“I tell her everything and she definitely knows,” says Hamm, who adds: “She won't tell anyone!”

The Oscars pizza guy is now offering “The Ellen” pizza
The Academy Awards pizza guy has opened a new restaurant focusing on wood handcrafted pizza.

“Dating Naked”s” naked wedding was actually just a commitment ceremony
The “Reality Show Wedding” involved no actual wedding licenses.

Nat Geo Wild”s approach to science TV: Just tell the truth
Unlike Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, Nat Geo Wild”s mission is to not fudge the facts. As the cable network”s boss Geoff Daniels put it, “we have a responsibility to figure out how to make authentic science in all of its different guises entertaining, relevant, real, relatable, resonant with a broad audience…and not chase, if you will, the lowest common denominator.”

“Gotham” will look like New York mixed with London
“I replaced a lot of the buildings with more Dickensian London-style buildings,” says director Danny Cannon who as the NY Times notes “went through photo books of old London, lifted images and had them woven into his shots of the contemporary New York skyline.” Says Cannon: “So it”s New York in style, but at the same time, there”s something old and broken about it.”

HBO developing Russian spy comedy “The Commissar”s Report”
The “comedic drama thriller” is about a KGB spy who is sent to NYC in the ’80s, and who falls in love with America.

“24” vet Marisol Nichols to visit “NCIS”
She”ll play a former colleague from Tony DiNozzo”s past.

“Utopia” is everything that is wrong about the “melting-pot” subgenre of reality TV
The Fox reality show is “repugnant, divisive, and cynical.”

Watch “The Blacklist” Season 2 trailer
“Berlin is coming.”

Is “The O.C.” pilot still shocking? How about “Six Feet Under”s” pilot?
Here”s a look at how shocking the pilots of past hit shows since 2001 are in 2014. PLUS: 10 sci-fi shows that hooked you in the first 5 minutes.

“ER” cast: Then vs. now
See how the NBC drama”s stars have evolved in the past 20 years. PLUS: How TV Guide covered “ER”s” launch 20 years ago this week.

Check out this year”s “Modern Family” Halloween costumes
Which one is playing an old timey gangster?

“Madam Secretary” tries to hard to be the new “Good Wife” – without any subtlety
The CBS series starring Tea Leoni, says Todd VanDerWerff, “seems terrified the audience will miss something, to the degree that all of the characters might as well be walking around wearing index cards emblazoned with any given scene's subtext glued to their foreheads. It is not a subtle show, and it mistakes copying the surface moves of 'Good Wife' – to say nothing of other quality TV dramas – for being able to match that show's depth. There's promise here, but it's already rapidly deteriorating.” PLUS: It”s clunky yet full of potential, “Madam Secretary” recycles “The West Wing”s” whitewashed version of Washington, the secretary of state”s gender isn”t made an issue, and costume designer is trying to make Leoni not look like Hillary Clinton.