This actress had the BEST response to dealing with her show’s cancellation

Senior Television Writer

Actress Natalie Morales has been down the one-season wonder path before, as the star of ABC Family's delightful (and woefully mismatched with its own network) The Middleman, then as a supporting player on ABC's Trophy Wife. So when FOX canceled The Grinder last week, Morales didn't wallow in losing another job; she made comic art out of it.

Behold, a collection of the Snapchat videos Morales made in the hours after the cancellation, first trying to drink her way through the experience, then literally breaking into the show's production office to claim a few mementos of the experience, all of it ending with a great homage to Jerry Maguire:

What I Did When My Show Got Cancelled from natalie morales on Vimeo.

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