‘The Killing’ will be back in August on Netflix

Hallelujah, it's raining blood?

Yeah, probably not. 

On Thursday (April 24), Netflix officially at a late-summer premiere date for the fourth and final season of “The Killing.”

The six-episode final “Killing” season will premiere on Netflix, in its totality, on August 1.

“The Killing” will cap a busy summer of originals on Netflix. As you already presumably know, the beloved prison dramedy “Orange Is the New Black” will return on June 6. Then on July 11, Netflix will drop the second season of the horror drama “Hemlock Grove.”

Thus far, details on the fourth season are limited. Holder and Linden will be back and apparently they're investigating a murder at a all-boys military school. Oscar nominee Joan Allen is the most recognizable of the new co-stars, doing a multi-episode arc as the headmaster at the school.

You wouldn't guess that, of course, from the teaser Netflix released this morning. All you'd know is that it's going to be raining. Prince would suggest the rain might be purple. Kit Ramsey might suggest the rain is chubby. We suspect it's blood.

In case you've forgotten, “The Killing” premiered on AMC in 2011 and aired for two seasons. It was cancelled in July of 2012 and resurrected by AMC in January of 2013. After airing a third season last summer, AMC cancelled “The Killing” for a second time in September, only to have Netflix come through with the six-episode resurrection in November. 

Good times!

Check out the teaser: