The Knife releases teaser trailer to new album ‘Shaking the Habitual’

A friend and I were talking yesterday about how we couldn’t wait for more material from Karin Dreijer Andersson, frontwoman for The Knife and Fever Ray, in consideration that Fever Ray’s “The Wolf” soundtracks the first trailer to “Welcome to the Punch.”

Today, it’s announced that The Knife have a new album coming out in the spring. So basically what I’m saying is we’re responsible for the news. You’re welcome.

“Shaking the Habitual” will be out in the Spring via Mute. Swedish troupe The Knife — which is Karin and brother Olof Dreijer — put out an opera “Tomorrow, In a Year” in 2010 but earned initial critical acclaim with their 2006 set “Silent Shout.” Andersson also put out a solo album under the name Fever Ray in 2009.

The Knife has released a teaser-trailer for “Shaking the Habitual.” Of course it’s weird. Of course. Oh good.

The “Welcome to the Punch” trailer below as well.