Rian Johnson Explains How You Can Activate ‘The Last Jedi’ Blu-Ray’s Secret, Music-Only Version

Entertainment Editor
03.13.18 2 Comments


The Last Jedi is available now on video-on-demand with the Blu-ray set to release in two weeks, and fans are already digging into the treasure-trove of special features the downloadable version of the movie offers. In addition to the documentary The Director and the Jedi, director Rian Johnson provides a commentary track and a large amount of deleted scenes.

On the commentary track, we learn the extremely important fact that Laura Dern couldn’t stop saying “pew pew” while shooting her blaster, proving once again that she’s one of the greatest to ever be on-screen.

But a truly unique special feature is actually hidden from users: an isolated score-only version of the film that features what could be one of the final Star Wars soundtracks by John Williams. Now you can watch Luke chug some blue milk to the swooping beauty of John Williams’ music, like you were always supposed to, maybe. So, how do you unlock this special feature?

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