‘The Mummy’ reboot scares up ‘Star Trek’ vet Alex Kurtzman as director

(CBR) Alex Kurtzman is about to get behind an ancient evil.

The co-writer and of the rebooted “Star Trek” movies and the “Amazing Spider-Man” sequel, among other projects, is set to step behind the lens as the director of “The Mummy,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Kurtzman is producing the film as well, alongside Chris Morgan, with whom he”s working with to create a cohesive cinematic universe based on the Universal monsters. “The Mummy” is the first film set in the new universe.

“Over the course of developing 'The Mummy,' Alex has demonstrated such clarity and passion about this character and mythology,” Universal”s Jeff Kirschenbaum said in a statement. “He knows why ''The Mummy' has fascinated us for so long and how to bring that into an inventive, incredible new adventure. It became obvious that he is the perfect choice to be not only one of the narrative engineers of this new vision but its director as well.”

Kurtzman is also attached to direct “Venom” for Sony, although it seems the studio”s plans for “Spider-Man” and related spinoffs might be in flux at the moment. Even if Venom remains on his plate, Kurtzman will almost certainly be focusing on '“The Mummy” first; it”s set for release on April 22, 2016.