It’s time to meet ‘The Muppets’ new mockumentary style for ABC sitcom

Most prospective TV shows need a full-length pilot episode to be considered for air. With Bill Prady and Bob Kushell's new take on “The Muppets,” all ABC needed to see was this 10-minute proof-of-concept video, directed by Randall Einhorn, that takes Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy and friends out of their usual variety show format (though they still work out of the Muppet Theater) and instead puts them in the context of the faux documentary format popularized by “The Office,” “Modern Family,” “Parks and Rec,” et al.

A full debut episode will be produced to air in the fall, but in the meantime, ABC has posted the full presentation video (which also screened at Comic-Con) online.

What does everybody think? Too adult, or still safe to watch with the kids? And do the jokes about the format feel played out (especially since “Community” has covered this territory several times), or funny because they're being delivered by Gonzo?