The Mystery of DiCaprio, DeNiro, Pitt & Scorsese’s Short ‘The Audition’

No this isn't a fake trailer. Or, some mash-up somebody made on reddit. But…

What in the world is this?! It's wonderful to go into something without expectations this day in age, so I won't spoil anything. Just watch it, I guess.

It did get a little traction at its release back in October but it popped back up on reddit today and nobody here had seen it. It appears to be a strange tourism add for Macau, but altogether… it's just kinda…strange, right?

***I apologize for the strange link and the subtitling, which makes me feel kinda icky, because that means money probably isn't going to the correct people. I just can't find a more official looking video! If somebody can find me one, send it to and we'll replace this video with a better one.