The new ‘Orphan Black’ trailer reveals season two twists

04.04.14 5 years ago

It's time for another season two trailer from “Orphan Black,” and I'm already feeling worried for our intrepid clones. The stakes are obviously higher in season two, plus we see that things aren't great (at least in one moment) for Sarah and Paul. Why? Oh, because she decks the guy. That happens.

We also see that Rachel is using Cosima as a pawn — “Until Sarah comes to heel, Cosima will suffer” — by shutting down the test. The test may be Cosima's only chance to recover from a mysterious illness, the same one that (as we learned in a previous trailer) takes the life of another clone. There are also men in suits and sunglasses who smack of “The Matrix” and “Men in Black,” and there's lots and lots of running, mostly as these guys chase Sarah. 

We could dissect it all, but that might spoil the fun when the show returns Sat. April 19. 

Are you excited for season two? 

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