‘The Runaways’ final official trailer, poster unveiled

03.08.10 9 years ago

Since the film’s debut at Sundance earlier this year, movie fans have gotten several glimpses into the tale of “The Runaways” — but none less focused on Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett and more so on Dakota Fanning’s Cherie Currie in the new official trailer.

While the best-known Runaways hits fire off in the background, some of the film’s funnier moments are brought to the forefront. Too, is revealed Currie and Jett’s meeting and clips of why the band marched toward its eventual demise.

The official poster features eye-popping color, a pretty accurate effect on the personalities of these famed performers from the ’70s. But while Twilight-star Stewart could generally be seen in such masculine, “tough” clothes in “The Runaways,” Fanning, at times, is wearing few clothes at all, as the trailer unveils.

That, plus the allusion to drugs, alcohol, shady business dealings and sex are mixed in with the traditional cinematic teen movie rites of passage including tattoo-getting, rock ‘n’ roll, smashing of things, anti-authoritarianism and using a straw when you sip stuff. Surely, some Twi-hards will be too young for this R-rated flick, but at least the trailer clocks in around PG-13.

“The Runaways,” directed by Floria Sigismondi, heads to theaters March 19.

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