‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Will ‘True Lies’ ruin Damon and Elena?

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It isn’t easy being a vampire, or at least not a vampire in Mystic Falls. There’s always someone chasing you, occasionally the townspeople turn on you (if only because they’re under some Silas mind control, but still), your friends have a tendency to die, you have to take introductory college classes, that sort of thing. This week, we also deal with the fact that not everyone is telling everyone else the truth. Worse, not everyone is telling themselves the truth. It’s enough to make you want to curl up in your coffin and weep.

Elena gets kicked out of class First of all, kudos to Elena (Nina Dobrev) for even going to class. Seriously, she could take a gap year. She’s going to live forever, and she doesn’t need to make money for food, so it’s not like she has to rush. Still, she tangles with a nasty professor, Mr. Maxfield, who wrote some fiction about suicide on Megan’s death certificate and, just her luck, teaches at her college. Of course, she actually gets booted out of his class, since she wasn’t supposed to be in it. Still, she knows something is up, so when Jesse informs her that Mr. Dickfield (ah, the cute nicknames students come up with!) is part of a secret society, I have to assume we’ll be seeing more of him — especially when he tries to bully her into coming to his office to talk about her dad’s research. Stay tuned!

Katherine gets a sinus infection I will admit, I think I like human Katherine far better than vampire Katherine. Why? Because she’s funny! Punching people hurts! After whining that, surviving all the many, many things that could have killed her over the course of 500 years, she moans, “You can understand why I’m a little upset that I’m on the verge of being defeated by a sinus infection.” Ha! The trials of human suffering have made Katherine quite the comedian, and while Matt and Jeremy try to drag her out of town before Silas can do whatever the heck he wants to do with her poor, human self, she can’t help but let everyone know about how all this human stuff is dragging her down. “When I cough, it’s green,” she mutters, begging for some OTC remedy. Unfortunately, when Matt runs into a gas station to get some medicine against his better judgement, the stooge at the front desk, who (like everyone else in town) has been brainwashed to call Silas picks up the phone, then a gun. Katherine, Jeremy and Matt are off and running.

Silas snows Elena Even though I would think Elena would spot a faker almost immediately, especially as Paul Wesley has given his take on Silas a distinctly different demeanor and physicality than Stefan, Silas can control anyone he pleases — including Elena. The quickest way to get under Elena’s skin, of course, is to tell her all the many things Damon has been hiding from her — Jeremy’s expulsion from school, Stefan’s reappearance (well, Silas’, whatever) and just like that, Elena is busily complaining about her boyfriend. Oh, Elena of little faith! But then, hey, Damon of little faith, too. In trying to hide the truth about Jeremy’s little problem, it’s become a much more serious problem. Communication is key to healthy relationships, you guys! You’ve got the hot sex down pat, so just talk a little!

Elena wants to have some angry sex, kind of When Elena and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), who can’t seem to connect thanks to stoopid Silas, finally get together, it seems as if things are going to be hot and heavy. Even though Damon wants to apologize for not telling Elena the truth, she wants to climb all over him and rip off his shirt… then force vervain-tainted water down his throat, tie him, up, torture him and kill him. This would not be angry sex, but rather Silas telling Elena what to do. Unfortunately, her anger at Damon keeps triggering Silas’ instructions, so she has to stab herself in the leg to get focused. When that doesn’t work, Damon suggests she tell him about the “weird visions” she’s been having about Stefan (a little secret Caroline tattled to him). Reluctantly, she does. He’s in pain, he’s trapped, he needs help, basically, and it’s pretty clear Elena is the only one who can find him.

Silas kills Matt When Silas stumbles across Matt in the woods while hunting for Katherine, and, since he can’t get inside Matt’s head (as those sneaky gypsies got in first), he kills him. Of course, dead is hardly ever dead on “The Vampire Diaries,” so Matt just needs to wait for the daylight right to work. This does let him have a nice visit with Bonnie, whom he now realizes is dead. Even though Bonnie tells him everything is okay, he knows a lie when he hears it (he may have noticed the title of the show), and there’s a sad, sobbing hug that makes me wish Bonnie hadn’t become such a secondary character. She also sees Jeremy again, though, sadly, there will be no hugging. Well, at least she could hug Matt.

Elena goes hunting for Stefan Elena packs her bags and Damon tells her he supports her and isn’t going to be entirely freaked out that his girlfriend is having psychic dreams about her ex. This is a nice counterpoint to Caroline’s conversation with Jesse, in which she might be realizing that Tyler isn’t that into her anymore and, as Jesse has been dumped by a long distance love, he’s available. As sad as I am thinking of Delena parted, Caroline and Jesse (what will they be? Jesseline?) definitely have potential.

In other news, the sheriff finds a body in a vault, which I guess is Silas’ doing, and Silas faces off with the travelers. Though the guy traveler tells Silas he’s going to rip him apart, the girl traveler decides to kill her friend and align with Silas. So, we now have a Big Bad Couple, which is not as cute as you might hope.

Do you think Katherine will give up on her humanity? Do you think Damon will be able to trust Elena? Do you think we’ll ever see Tyler again? 

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