The Walking Dead producer defends THAT cliffhanger

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 finale “Last Day on Earth” follow…

The Walking Dead aired the Season 6 finale last night and it was met with a mixed, to angry, to downright enraged response from the fanbase.

There are those that loved the cliffhanger of a climax, of course, but the lion's share of viewers were disappointed.

In speaking with a group of reporters (via EW) earlier today showrunner Scott Gimple addressed why they'd made the decision.

“The reasoning behind this was… In many ways what we saw last night was the end of the story of [episode] 16. Where Rick winds up is completely different from where he started in 1 and where he started in 9. I know obviously what it is in 701. And presenting what occurs, to show what happened in full-force, is the beginning of the next story.”

As to the fan reaction to the season's end, Gimple says just you wait, all will pay off next season

“I think if you approach it from a place of skepticism or with the idea that there is some sort of negative motivation behind it or cynical motivation behind it – if you come at it that way it”s difficult to convince you otherwise. I do think we”ve done enough on the show and we”ve delivered a story that people have enjoyed and I guess asking people to give us the benefit of the doubt that it is all part of a plan and is all part of a story. And I truly hope that people see 701 and they feel that it justifies the way we decided to tell the story. That is the way that it is in our minds. I know what 701 is and I feel that it delivers on what 616 sets up.”

Is the audience still with this show enough to wait it out for another six months, though?

In the video above and below Alan Sepinwall and Roth Cornet dive into The Walking Dead Season 6 finale and ask: “Why did they DO that?” Offer a couple of theories. And theorize on whether or not this may actually be the moment that the ratings juggernaut has truly stumbled.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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