‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Teaser Shows More Of The Scary Whisperers

The ninth season of The Walking Dead has been on pause since late November, shortly after break-out semi-hero Rick Grimes departed via helicopter, wounded, his fate left to the wind. (Or perhaps he was simply heading for his own spin-off movie.) The show will pick back on February 10, and to get people pumped, AMC has just dropped a new teaser.

In this new post-Grimes part of the TWD world, the focus is on Samantha Morton’s Alpha, the bald, masked, knife-friendly leaders of the Whisperers, and she’s none too happy with our plucky survivors. “Your people crossed into our land,” Alpha says. “Your people killed our people. There will be conflict.”

If the show hews closely to the comics, there will be further conflict when Alpha’s daughter Lydia, played on the show by Cassady McClincy, falls for Carl Grimes.

Good on cable’s biggest show for scoring Morton, the fearless Oscar- and Emmy-nominee of In America, Minority Report, and The Messenger, who most recently headlined the British period drama Harlots, which you can binge on Hulu. That they were able to coax someone of Morton’s stature — on top of finally dwelling properly on the Whisperers — suggests the show’s still got it nine seasons in. Perhaps if it’s on longer people can finally learn the name of that one character.

Additionally, if it’s first images of the next batch of TWD episodes you want, it’s first images of the next batch of TWD episodes you shall receive.

(Via ComicBook.com and Deadline)