Justin Bieber on tap for The Wanted’s next album

06.12.13 5 years ago

The Wanted have teased a Justin Bieber appearance on their next album for a long time, but the British boy band has confirmed the superstar’s appearance in an interview with MTV U.K. this week.

The fivesome also said Dr. Luke, Rita Ora and Biebs collabo Nasri will show up in the final tracklist.

“Hopefully there’ll be a couple of surprise collabs there as well,” Max George also said.

The Wanted and Bieber have previously toured together and may have had time to combine forces while the singers supported their 2011 set “Battleground.”

As for this fresh set, The Wanted have already set a tone with lead single “Walks Like Rihanna,” the album’s first taste. And, for the record, Rihanna likes the song too: “We met [Rihanna’s] manager Jay Brown in New York and he said that he really liked it and that she really liked it which is always a good sign [’cause] if she hated it we’d be in a pretty bad place,” Tom Parker said. Maybe she can join the party as well?

The as-yet-untitled album will drop some time later in 2013, as touring and recording had a pause earlier this year due to member Nathan Sykes’ vocal cord surgery.

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