Watch: The Wanted’s ‘We Own The Night’

08.12.13 5 years ago

Island Records

Oh, to be young (or young at heart), beautiful and to be able to sound like the group fun.  In the video for The Wanted”s  “We Own The Night,” which is a close clone to fun.”s “We Are Young,”  the British band celebrates the joys of a good night out.  With lyrics that sound more like a call to arms: “Let us wake up inside a stranger”s bed/let us drink until there is nothing left,” the lads are in it to win it… or until they puke, whichever comes first.

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 The good-natured clip, of course, features the girls getting dressed in various stages of clothing, while the boys just show up fully-clad. The fun element in the video is that an older couple, who can clearly drink and party the young kids under the table, shows up as well and they are the life of the party. Their livers may be shriveled, but they can keep up the young”uns.

The clip fits the song just fine and it”s the catchiest tune the boys have had since “Glad You Came.”


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