Is Hollywood scrambling to make a ‘Watcher’ movie?

I have no idea what to make of this, but according to The Tracking Board several different projects based on the terrifying real-life “Watcher” case are being shopped around Hollywood:

In a nightmarish story straight out of a horror film, a New Jersey family was forced to leave their idyllic dream home after becoming tormented by a terrifying stalker who calls themselves “The Watcher.” In two days, the macabre report made national headlines and has already captivated Hollywood interest. I”m hearing that in a mad scramble to be the first out of the gate, several packages are being shopped all over town, with names like James Wan and Bryan Bertino in the mix. Sources confirm that interest is swelling and the project is taking shape at the likes of Blumhouse Productions, Dimension Films, New Line Cinema, and Universal. Several different takes on the true terror tale are being pitched across the board, some unofficially, with rights still up in the air.

It's a dubious report (I'm not sure whether the Tracking Board counts as a reliable source at this point), but then again I wouldn't put it past “Hollywood” to attempt to capitalize on a real-life case that literally sounds like the plot of a scary movie (it certainly wouldn't be the first time Tinseltown has packaged real-life terror into grisly entertainment). That said, given the slim nature of the case major embellishments would of course be necessary to flesh this out into a feature-length film.

[h/t Bloody Disgusting]