The Winner Of Today’s Throwback Thursday Is…

A big celebrity trend for today”s Throwback Thursday is pictures from last year”s Glastonbury Festival, a music festival that takes place near Somerset, England.  Posting these photos does nothing except let us know that you were at Glastonbury last year, and that you were just as attractive and wealthy a full year ago as you are today. I, personally, am not intrigued.

Standing out from the crowd today is none other than the Playboy Instagram account, to which I am awarding “Best #TBT of the Day”. Here, we”ve got a vintage photo of Hugh Hefner surrounded by about a dozen pretty (and classy) women in 1969. Jesus, that is a long time ago. This image reminds us that Playboy at one time celebrated natural and individual beauty. Today, the Playboy clan is a train wreck of silicone injected bottle blondes hanging out with their dying grandpa, which is precisely why this nostalgic photo wins.

 Check it out for yourselves:


P.S am I mistaken or have the Playboy Bunnies gotten significantly less ethnically diverse over the years?