There is A LOT going on in this ‘Suicide Squad’ wrap photo


It”s official! “Suicide Squad” has wrapped principal photography. To celebrate, the cast and crew gathered together for one last group photo. The team was so large, it appears the photographer is up on a lift or scaffolding of some sort. And with THAT many people in one shot, there”s gonna be some interesting things going on.

How many can you spot?

 Two Harley Quinns
Two Killer Crocs
Literal Bluebeard
Someone checking their watch
The script
The code name the movie was filmed under
Literal Red tape
Someone throwing the goat
A bored flannel hipster
One guy still working
A lady with a mohawk

Image Credit: Twitter

BONUS! Cara Delevingne is wearing pants! This is a pleasant surprise as the initial character design appeared to be little more than grey body paint and a metal bikini. Huzzah!

Is “Suicide Squad” a future bomb or blockbuster?

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