These Kids Were Shown A Walkman, Had No Idea What It Is

In the latest episode of 'Kids React' by The Fine Brothers, a group of children is exposed to the ancient technology of cassettes and the portable Walkman. Feel the icy grip of aging take hold and slowly choke the life from you as you watch an entire generation have no idea what the hell a cassette. Gasp as they respond with horror at the concept of 'fast-forwarding' to the desired song. Behold your own mortality as these young humans cringe at the primitive nature of 90s technology and pity those of us who had to live through such a dark age. 

In fact, there was so much confusion and disbelief from this group it wouldn't fit into one video. So in case you haven't curled into the fetal position with a bottle of wine, repeating the mantra 'Forty is the new thirty' while weeping silent tears, check out the outtakes too.