This 3-year-old Wonder Woman has all the ferocity of the Amazons

Today is the 75th anniversary of DC Comics' Wonder Woman. While Warner Bros. is celebrating all over, it's important to remember the impact Wonder Woman has had on so many, especially young girls. Let's commemorate the day with this adorable little Wonder Woman.

While Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, Lynda Carter and DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson stopped at the United Nations today, and the voice of animated Wonder Woman, Susan Eisenberg got a nice feature at The Hollywood Reporter, fans celebrated in their own way. And one little fan, in particular, has been making the rounds.

FullTimePhotographer.com did a feature on commercial photographer and digital artist Josh Rossi and his daughter Nellee. With help from Eve Keener, Mcgrew Studio, Crit Killen, and Caleb Blood they turned this 3-year-old into an adorable recreation of Gadot's Amazon Warrior. Just look in awe at the fierceness.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video where they aim to get what they need before it's time for Nellee's nap!

You can see more on Rossi's Instagram and more behind-the-scenes shots at FullTimePhotographer.com.

(via The Mary Sue)