This Daft Punk’ed Shia LeBeouf “Do it” Video Is Amazing, a Little Late

Nothing was a more American celebration of armistice and peace on Memorial Day weekend 2015 than Shia LeBeouf's intentionally open-source James Franco-esque feaux art (f'art for those of you keeping score) motivational speech-y green screen “Do It!” performance. With videos like MillerWa4's 'Damn It, Shia' we thought we'd seen the best of them. So, we had a good laugh and filed that one under “Never Think About Again.”

But, perhaps the overwhelming sense of helpless longterm compulsion a la Gene Hackman's turn as Harry Caul in Coppola's Godfather follow-up The Conversation makes Ilka Da's 'Daft LeBeouf' take the cake. The video's description alone is a haunting tale which grows a new pair of legs every time I think about it. We really do hope you're in a healthy state, Ilka. See tortured brilliance below: