‘Justice League’s’ on schedule as this photo proves. Ha ha, everything is TOTALLY fine, see!?

Movies do not spring into production fully formed from the ether. There are wheels in motion weeks – sometimes months – before the director shoots a single frame. Costumes, make-up, sets…all these things have to be designed and built. Fans of the Justice League already saw concept art from the DC Takeover of The CW. Now see the costumes for The Flash, Aquaman, and more in (blurry) reality.

Official Warner Bros. photographer Clay Enos posted this photo to Instagram this morning after director Zack Snyder shared it last night on Twitter. It shows Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Snyder standing in a workshop in Leavesden, where Justice League is ramping up to begin production.


Too fun! #BatmanvSuperman #justiceleague

A photo posted by Clay Enos (@clayenos) on Feb 22, 2016 at 11:09pm PST

Plenty of digital ink has been spilled on how much is riding on the success of Batman v Superman. This tease almost seems partly designed in part to assuage fan fears that Warner Bros. is already halfway to pulling the plug because there is a LOT going on in the background.


In the background, the Flash”s costume sticks out immediately. A traditional red and gold look, not much of a surprise there. But then there”s artwork of Mera down by Flash”s feet and what looks like armor for Aquaman himself. The black armor could be Nightwing, but is probably Black Manta. And if anyone has a guess who”s face mask that is on the far right, let me know in the comments!

In the foreground we”ve got a boot still being mocked-up and a Bat-Cowl. There”s also a helmet just chilling behind the boot. If you recognize the design, say something in the comments below!