This ‘Mad Men’ Blaxploitation Parody is Don-O-Mite

Here are the top ten great things about this “Mad Men” blaxploitation parody.

#1: “Jackson Johnson Washington White. What?

#2: That incredible spin on the real “Mad Men” theme.

#3. Rad Peggy

#4. The name “Slim Sterling”

#5. The play on Betty Draper's bird-shooting involving some serious Pam Grier wardrobe choices. 

#6. Joan's intense shade. The ascot and cigarette are so precisely right.

#7. Pete “The Soup Man” Campbell is far too cool to be related to the snarling twit from the show, but God, I love him.

#8. I want that mayonnaise. 

#9. “Always be brief.”

#10. Every single item of apparel here. Slim's red suit is the big winner.

I already miss this show more than the real “Mad Men.”