This was the best moment from the ‘Aliens’ 30th anniversary panel at Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO – It was a lot of fun seeing James Cameron, producer Gale Anne Hurd and the majority of the main cast from Aliens reunite in Hall H at Comic-Con on Saturday night, and there were a few fun anecdotes to come out of it, including the fact that Lance Henriksen performed that knife trick himself, at the exact speed it plays out on screen. Also: Bill Paxton thinks he kinda sucked as Hudson (“In retrospect, 30 years later, I'm [like], you know, it's okay. But I didn't embrace it like I should've,” he lamented to the packed crowd). 

That said, my absolute favorite part came when Cameron recounted the moment when then-nine-year-old Carrie Henn read him the riot act while filming the scene where Newt is cocooned in the xenomorphs' lair.

“So I'm doing the slime and I'm putting it on her face — she's been in this thing for, you know, 20 minutes holding a position — and I'm pouring this goo all over her, and in this little tiny, very — with a slight English accent, very quiet voice — she says, 'you know, it should be illegal for you to be able to do this to little kids.'”

Carrie Henn: serving up straight talk since 1986.

The Aliens 30th anniversary Blu-ray hits stores on September 13.