This week in unfounded rumors – ‘Aquaman,’ ‘Batman,’ and more


Sometimes a rumor slips through the cracks of the news cycle. When that happens, we”re here to pick up the slack. So what did we miss while distracted by Sundance this week? From Batman to the “Justice League” to Star Wars (because let's face it, Star Wars will be here every week), these are the best baseless rumors of the week!

#1: Star ‘Whoops”: Warwick Davis – aka Wicket from “Return of the Jedi” – posted some selfies from the set of JJ Abrams” Episode VII while on the BBC talk show, “The One Show.” Including a shot with Darth Vader. Uh oh?

Via: Yahoo

Probability Meter: 1%. Lucasfilm/Marvel/Disney are a well-oiled machine. Sure, leaks get out but they”re either anonymous and/or due to LITERAL DRONES flying over closed sets. No one was going to let Warwick Davis ruin the movie with a pre-approved talk show segment. It”s probably someone”s office prop.

#2: Fox wants a “Fantastic Four” mulligan: Bleeding Cool allegedly heard internal executive chatter saying Josh Trank”s “Fantastic Four” is such a disaster, it needs to be razed to the ground.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Probability Meter: 20%. I”ll believe that Fox is unhappy with the “Fantastic Four” reboot. We”re seven months out from the release date and we don”t even have a teaser trailer. But I have a hard time believing they”d be willing to set money on fire and give up on the film completely. Though it”s happened before.

#3: Ding dong, the Batman”s dead: When a fan told Leto he looked more like Batman than the Joker, the “Suicide Squad” star ominously replied, “Batman”s dead.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Probability Meter: 0%. Even if Batman is “dead” for the “Suicide Squad” movie, he”s only comic book dead which means not dead at all.

#4: “Justice” script is out of audiences” League: A Comic Book Movie reader claims not only is the “Justice League” script doing fine, it”s SO GOOD that executives fear it”s too complex for the casual movie-goer and are demanding rewrites.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Probability Meter: 85%. DC is complex labyrinth of lore. I”ve got no problem believing the early drafts of this script went so ‘inside baseball” that the average movie-goer would be left scratching their head.

#5: This. Is. AQUAMAN: Latino-Review has heard “300: Rise of an Empire” director Noam Murro is on the shortlist to direct Jason Momoa 2018 “Aquaman” project.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Probability Meter: 70%. Nothing”s locked down yet, but with Zack Snyder directing “Justice League” and producing both “300” movies, there”s no reason to think he wouldn”t suggest someone he”s familiar with for the “Aquaman” project.

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