This week in unfounded rumors – ‘Ghostbusters’ casting, LEGO ‘Ant-Man’ spoilers, and more

02.20.15 3 years ago

Sometimes a rumor slips through the cracks of the news cycle. When that happens, we”re here to pick up the slack. So what did we miss while distracted by Oscar prep this week? From “Preacher” to “Ant-Man,” these are the best baseless rumors of the week!

#1: ‘Ghostbusters” ain”t afraid of no all-female reboot! – FilmDivider has it on good authority that “SNL” alumni Cecily Strong is being eyed for the the most important non-Ghostbuster role outside of the villain.

Image Credit: NBC

Probability Meter: 80%. Feig seems to enjoy dipping into the “SNL” pool and pulling out great female talent. Cecily Strong might not be as well known as Wiig, McKinnon, or Jones, but everyone starts somewhere.

#2: A Tulip by any other ethnicity is just as interesting. – According to Superhero Hype, AMC is looking to cast a Woman of Color as Tulip O”hare in their adaptation of Vertigo”s “Preacher.”

Image Credit: Vertigo Comics

Probability Meter: 65%. There is exactly zero reason Tulip has to be white. Then again, there”s no source cited – not even “an Anonymous source close to production” – so this could just be wishful thinking.

#3: Han Solo is a real “Rebel,” Dottie. – An inside source has revealed to TheBeardedTrio that a voice actor who has previously voiced Han Solo is in talks to play the character on “Star Wars Rebels.”

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Probability Meter: 35%. Set 5 years before episode IV, Han Solo could show up in “Star Wars Rebels” as either a bright-eyed young smuggler or, in keeping with the EU, a disillusioned young Imperial recruit. But would Disney want Han”s first official appearance to be on a cartoon?

#4: Suicide Squad roster gains another member. – Jay Hernandez of “Friday Night Lights” is joining the cast of the “Suicide Squad” movie, according to The Wrap“s multiple sources. Hernandez could be playing an inmate cohort of the Joker”s.

Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Probability Meter: 98%. The story only says they”re in negotiations. Seems legit.

#5: The Ant-Men go marching one-by-one. – This one from ComicBook Movie is **SPOILER** heavy, so be warned. Seriously. At Toy Fair 2015, LEGO showed off an “Ant-Man” set that might have given away the climatic battle. Just take a look at the Minifig in between Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man.

Image via ComicBook Movie

Probability Meter: 50%. Sometimes a LEGO set is just a LEGO set. Or maybe there”s a flashback at some point to Hank Pym kicking supervillain butt as the original Ant-Man. Or maybe LEGO really did accidentally spoiled everything.

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