‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Officially Heads To ‘Planet: Hulk’ And Hints At Some Classic Marvel Influences

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We’ve known that Thor: Ragnarok would feature plenty of elements from Marvel’s Planet Hulk storyline, including The Hulk’s fantastic gladiator armor and some battle elements for him and Thor during the film. But up until now, it didn’t seem like it would be a proper adaptation or reference to the actual storyline from the comics. That stuff doesn’t matter in the long because Hulk is in the movie and it is fun to see him on the big screen just going Hulk on people.

But now, thanks to Taika Waititi’s new interview in Total Film, we know that Planet Hulk will be represented for real in the next Thor adventure, heading to the planet itself during the film. It appears that Sakaar is a place where the Hulk ends up and becomes a gladiator while Chris Hemsworth Thor is off doing his Asgardian things before having to hunt down the green secret weapon:

Sakaar was just an insane, far-off, futuristic place which was the biggest shift for the film and these characters

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