Tom Hanks fights for the Constitution in the first ‘Bridge of Spies’ trailer

It's been a busy week for studios looking to push their year-end prestige product. Sony dropped a splashy new trailer for “The Walk” while announcing the film would open the New York Film Festival and Disney has offered up the first materials for “Bridge of Spies.” Yesterday we got the poster, today we get the trailer.

It's a thriller sell with, naturally, Tom Hanks front and center. That's the interesting thing about it for me, though. Amid all that period turmoil and accoutrements, yep, that's Tom Hanks. No affectations or heavy characterization, just gee whiz Tom Hanks. And that could be fine. It just struck me for whatever reason.

As I said yesterday, I'm excited for the film. Steven Spielberg's last excursion, “Lincoln,” was absolutely masterful and he's in top form as ever. I like the look of this, the attention to detail, Janusz Kaminski's photography. It feels like a movie that might be difficult to market, though. But it could touch the zeitgeist in some ways, dabbling in notions of “what we stand for” and America bending the backbone of the Constitution to fit political will. Could be great. Here's hoping.

For now, check out the trailer above and tell us what you think.