Tina Fey addresses her Emmy wardrobe malfunction in chat with Jimmy Fallon

Tina Fey addresses her Emmy wardrobe malfunction in chat with Jimmy Fallon
“I don’t think it’s that bad,” she said as she showed a new photo from Sunday night. PLUS: Watch Fey’s new “SNL” promos with Arcade Fire.

Larry King is back on TV, as Keith Olbermann’s ESPN2 fill-in

King will sit in on “Olbermann” next Tuesday through Thursday as Olbermann covers Major League Baseball.

Why Walter White can’t put his money in a Swiss bank account, or the Cayman Islands

Even “offshore” banks will demand to know who you earned your money — and they’re not going to take drug money.

10 things “Breaking Bad” got wrong
Pure meth isn’t blue, hydrofluoric acid would not eat through a bathtub and Gus’ Chliean accent was terrible. PLUS: Vince Gilligan reveals his next project on “Conan,” AMC selling finale ads for $250,000 for 30 seconds, how Landry became Todd, Aaron Paul raises $1.8M for his wife’s charity, “Lydia Rodarte-Quayle” explains her surname, cast members reveal which props they stole, and what if “Breaking Bad” had choose your own adventure books?

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” coming out with official merchandise
T-shirts, posters and other items will soon be available.

Amber Tamblyn is making her “Men” debut on “Joan of Arcadia’s” 10th anniversary
The new “Two and a Half Men” star didn’t know her CBS drama premiered 10 years ago tonight. PLUS: Tamblyn is still getting the hang of sitcoms.

In defense of Gordon Ramsay

Why the nasty TV chef is not the devil.

Charisma Carpenter headed to “Blue Bloods”

The “Buffy” alum will play Donnie Wahlberg’s ex-fling.

Ex-“Idol” Bo Bice is trying to raise money on Kickstarter
The runner-up to Carrie Underwood is trying to raise $35,000 to fund a CD and art book.

Titus Welliver signs on for an Amazon pilot

The “Lost” alum will play an LAPD homicide detective in “Bosch.”

“Kendra” had a minor stroke
Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett’s stroke came after her car accident earlier this year.

“GMA” wins the TV season for the 1st time in 20 years

“Good Morning America” was up 9% over last season.

Fox teases “The Following”

Season 2 begins in January.

“Parenthood”: What to expect in Season 5
Jason Katims talks about the new time slot and what will happen to the Bravermans.

“Elementary” keeps getting Sherlock Holmes right
Tonight’s premiere sets of a strong 2nd season. PLUS: “Elementary” boss on Season 2.

Jessica Capshaw feels safe in her 5th season on “Grey’s Anatomy”
“This is actually my fifth series regular year and there’s a very nice feeling about it,” she says. “It feels safe. I feel taken care of. I know that between the writers and Shonda (Rhimes), nothing is off limits to talk about and the stories will go down and things change.”

How “Big Bang Theory” evolved
The CBS sitcom wasn’t originally critically acclaimed. PLUS: What to expect this season, meet “Big Bang’s” science advisor, and Chuck Lorre reveals his “Big Bang” Emmy speech.

“The Walking Dead” webisodes return Oct. 1

There will be three new installments this year.

Michelle Obama gave the “Downton Abbey” cast a private tour of the White House
The first lady is a big fan of the PBS series.

Remembering “Simpsons” message board alt.tv.simpsons
The “Simpsons” newsgroup was very influential with its detailed reviews, recaps and other minutiae.

How to speak Dothraki
Here’s a tutorial on the “Game of Thrones” language.

“The Crazy Ones” was only made for Robin Williams fans
If you’re not a fan of his comedy, don’t watch. PLUS: “Crazy Ones” feels too safe, Williams talks about his return to TV after 30 years, and where did Sarah Michelle Gellar’s career go wrong?

“The Michael J. Fox Show’s” promising pilot is followed by 2 episodes of disappointment
The pilot focuses on Fox going back to work after years off due to his Parkinson’s. But in Episode 2, Fox’s show becomes “a mundane, dated-feeling family comedy that feels like it’s missing its laugh track,” says James Poniewozik. PLUS: “Fox” is old-fashioned but not very original, the show feels like a long PSA, and the pilot works because it’s great to see Fox on TV again.