Tom Cruise fights the future in new ‘Oblivion’ trailer

02.13.13 6 years ago

Tom Cruise’s upcoming sci-fi adventure “Oblivion” has a new international trailer which seems to reveal a bit more about the futuristic film’s plot than the initial preview.

Sixty years after an alien invasion has reduced Earth to a poisonous ruin, Jack Harper (Cruise) patrols the desolate landscape and fixes scanning droids, under the watchful eye of his team mate played by Andrea Riseborough. However, Harper breaks protocol when humans appear, and one of them (Olga Kurylenko) may be a clue to his forgotten past. 

Watch the new trailer here:

The trailer starts out as typical post-apocalyptic fare, with Harper playing the role of “Wall*E,” if he were a handsome, gun-toting movie star instead of a wordless robot. It soon shifts gears into action territory, with Cruise facing down rogue robots, mysterious cloaked figures and Morgan Freeman as a cigar-chomping badass, who appears to be the leader of some sort of rebellion. The trailer may also trigger memories of Cruise’s role in “Minority Report,” while his character name will likely lead to a number of “Jack Reacher” references.  

Joseph Kosinski (“Tron: Legacy”) directed the film and it looks like he has plenty of cool toys to play with. He co-wrote the script with William Monahan (“The Departed”), Karl Gajdusek (“Last Resort”), and new “Star Wars” writer Michael Arndt.

Cruise will soon be seen back in sci-fi mode in Doug Liman’s upcoming “All You Need is Kill.”

“Oblivion” opens April 19.

What do you think of the new trailer?

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