Tom Cruise is close, but will Alec Baldwin join ‘Rock of Ages’?

12.19.10 8 years ago

The movie version of the Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” has already lured Mary J. Blige in the fold, but rumors continue to swirl about Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Gwyneth Paltrow joining the Warner Bros. flick.  Director Adam Shankman, who previously helmed the hit musical version of “Hairspray,” is a notorious twitterer and provided this saucy tweet on Friday:

RUMORS: t cruise as stacee, Alec Baldwin as Dennis, Mary j as justice, Gwyneth paltrow as Constance from rolling stone… Sounds crazy :)

“Ages” is structured around classic rock hits from the ’80s including songs from Styx, Journey, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison and others.  It’s been a commercial hit on the stage and is seemingly a slam dunk for the big screen.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shankman’s Cruise reference is no ruse. The “Mission Impossible” star is very close to committing to the project as he’s been providing notes on the script for some time.  The filmmakers want Cruise to play Sacee Jaxx, a cocky, but charming rock star near the end of his career.  Word is if the new draft of the script meets his approval, he’ll officially sign on.

Baldwin, on the other hand, is being considered to play Dennis Dupree, the former rocker who runs the Rock of Ages club.  Will Ferrell and Steve Carell were originally offered the part, but Baldwin seems to be making the cut.

Paltrow, who will appear in “Country Strong” later this month, would play a Rolling Stone reporter trying to interview Jaxx, but is also waiting for a final script.

Blige is the only one cast member officially on board.  She’ll play Justice Charlier, the owner of a nearby strip club. 

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