‘Tomorrowland’ Super Bowl ad makes me want to go to Disney World…

Have you been to Disney World lately? I can”t speak for Disneyland, but in Florida? Tomorrowland is a mess. What was once an ode to the future has become a mishmash of rides dedicated vaguely to “space” – Stitch and Buzz Lightyear feature heavily – and the leftovers of the future-past of the 1970s.

So call me cynical, but this whole film seems like the world”s biggest ad campaign to kickstart a makeover of Tomorrowland.

As far as marketing ploys disguised as franchises go, though, “Tomorrowland” seems intriguing. We”ve got George Clooney as a former child-prodigy and Britt Robertson as the girl with a love of science. Together, they apparently travel through space to a sparkling world that feels like organic evolution of the future of the 1970s. Rocket packs, spindly buildings made of chrome and glass, maybe even monorails!! (no singing please)

“Tomorrowland” jets into theaters on May 22, 2015.