Mark Wahlberg Says ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Is His Last Film For The Franchise

As everyone on Earth waits politely hand-in-hand to see some fudgin’ Transformers wielding big-ass robot swords alongside King Arthur, Mark Wahlberg has some sad news for franchise die-hards. You won’t have ol’ Cade Yeager around for future Hasbro-themed laughs-n-gasps.

A&E’s most accomplished hamburger impresario shared on The Graham Norton Show that he’s done with the Transformers franchise. We’re not sure if Wahlberg mentioning he’s not coming back equals any sort of spoiler, but it’s on a chat show so it’s gotta be safe, right?

“It’s the last one so I get my life back!” proclaimed Wahlberg on Norton.

Wahlberg has something in particular he’s happy to part with when it comes to Transformers. His tough guy inventor coif.

“The long hair is the worst thing ever,” he shared. “I look like my mom in the ’70s – it’s just really bad!”

The Last Knight isn’t just Wahlberg’s final (planned) go-around with the blockbuster franchise. Michael Bay has declared that he’s done directing Transformers movies after the latest motion picture. He confirmed the news in a letter to fans earlier this year (complete with the promise of shattering the core Transformers mythos, shattered mythos fans) and doubled down his exit plans in a recent interview with Fandango.

“These movies that I’ve done, they are massive movies. They take a lot out of you,” said Bay. “I’ve done it enough, and I’ve had a great time doing it. I’m going out with a bang on this one, and I feel like you gotta go out while you’re ahead, you know. I think I’ve had a good run, and I’ve got a lot of other movies I want to do.”

Getting back on the Mark Wahlberg trolley, here’s the actor telling Graham Norton about how he was one-upped by his daughter’s boyfriend. It’s a very Mark Wahlberg story.

(Via Digital Spy)